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Well, as this site nears the end of it’s update-able life, I’ve decided to move it. You might notice that in the address bar now says instead of or just

It is my intention - when I finally get a job and move out of Salem - to start a new blog based on new experiences. (The implication here is that I’m not entirely employed yet, despite having graduated three months ago.) Still, when that day comes… watch out!

The old addresses will forward here for the next while, but eventually this will just be a glimpse into the past and nothing more.

I upgraded to Wordpress 2.6 today, while debating how best to archive this site.

I started this blog with the intention of capturing my MBA experience and its immediate aftermath. While I’m still unintentionally unemployed, eventually the purpose of this particular blog will no longer exist. My loyal reader(s) might be wondering, “what’s next?”

The answer, as it so often is, is “it depends”. At some point I’ll be archiving the “Adventures in Business School” and starting a new project. I enjoy blogging, and I’ve enjoyed capturing my thoughts and feelings as I’ve gone through this process. When I move to Portland (which is where I really want to be) I’ll probably find a new theme to start writing about. My goal is to make this particular blog permanently accessible, though, for anyone else who might be thinking about an MBA.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. I still have a few entries yet to put in (as the job hunt continues) but the blog will be winding down. Thanks for following my adventures!

So you write one post critical of a few things about Willamette, and - because I’m a computer nerd and I pay attention to the logs - 6 unique visitors (all from Willamette University) visit the site within an hour. (Notable because I rarely get more than two visitors in any given day, most of which are people looking for hints on Markstrat.) All visits were directly to that somewhat critical post. I strongly suspect someone saw the post and emailed it around, which makes me an unhappy panda.

In the interests of not stepping on too many toes until I’m safely out of here, I’m going to go ahead and make that post “private”. I’ll re-enable it when I graduate. If anyone is that curious about what I wrote, all you need do is email me and I’d be happy to discuss it.

… by the way, if anyone knows who “Reader Zero” was, I’d love to find out how they found my post so quickly.

Now that I’m working through my last semester of business school, it’s time for me to start looking for a job when I get out. (I probably should have started doing this earlier, but I chose to focus more on the academic side of business school than the career side.)

So the short of it is, I’m looking for a job.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to update my resume slightly and make it available online. Let me introduce, my own usage of the relatively new .info top-level domain. I hope to use this site (which has information that’s still otherwise pretty easy to find out about me) as a way of sharing my resume and adding context to the information on it. We’ll see if it work, but I like it!

The blog has moved to a new server, and this is a test.

It’s summer break.  I’m interning for the State of Oregon, which leaves me with very limited internet access during the day.  Thus, I’m not going to be updated much (if at all) until mid-August, when fall semester starts.

Just an FYI, really!

I got really tired of how flaky has been lately. I mean, it was working for me maybe 3/4 of the time (a lot of the problems I had were when I went to post, since I host my own webserver.) Sick of the crap that it was, I decided to switch over to using WordPress. I’m going to see how reliable it is for now and then, if all goes well… I’ll try to switch over at some point, too.Please let me know if you see any inconsistencies or glitches. This allows me more flexibility (I can rotate my picture in the corner, for instance) but it’s also a bit more work.

I was contacted by a guy named Zack the other day. He’s a guy who’s pretty similar in many respects to me. He’s a bit of a computer-science guy combined with business… which is where I’m headed.

Anyway, he’s started an interesting blog called “Something Ventured” at I suggest going and taking a look at it. He’s basically trying to start his own business and he’s going to chronicle it on the web. Keep an eye on it… I know I will!

It started, as so many stories do, with hating my job. I used to be a permanent on-site contractor at the Bonneville Power Administration and I hated almost everything about the job but the people. The working environment and the way contractors were treated was almost criminal. So I decided that, rather than waiting for them to fire me (once they didn’t like you they could get rid of you in a heartbeat if you were a contractor) I would control my own destiny. But what to do?

I figured my options were either get a job I liked or go back to school. I had always been interested in an MBA because I believed it to be a flexible degree that would allow me to move up the corporate ladder or do almost anything I wanted to do. So, while putting the events in motion to persue that goal I happend to find a great job working for Pacific Office Automation doing system and network administration. While I loved the job almost from day one, I was still interested in persuing the MBA.

Step one was to take the GMAT. Most good business schools require it and it would tell me, personally, if I stood a chance of getting in since I was a pretty mediocre undergraduate student. I took the test in October of 2005 and did pretty well, scoring a 700.

In February I started looking at schools. There were four on my list (not knowing much about business schools): Willamette University, the University of Oregon, Portland State University, and Marylhurst University. Willamette was number one, though; I wanted to go there as an undergrad but the relative affordability made me (regretfully) choose the University of Oregon (where I had a miserable experience earning a BS in Computer and Information Science.) I also felt (living in the Pacific Northwest) that it was one of the best business schools in

I applied to my number one choice (with an incredible recommendation from a friend a church.) I was accepted - with a scholarship! My thinking was this: “If I got a scholarship, I’d go. If not, I’d apply to my other choices and weigh more carefully the relative merits of each program.”

So this last summer I quit my job, got an apartment in Salem, sold my motorcycle and my car (though I bought a much cheaper one), and got ready to start school on August 21st - the day after my 28th birthday.