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Now that I’m working through my last semester of business school, it’s time for me to start looking for a job when I get out. (I probably should have started doing this earlier, but I chose to focus more on the academic side of business school than the career side.)

So the short of it is, I’m looking for a job.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to update my resume slightly and make it available online. Let me introduce, my own usage of the relatively new .info top-level domain. I hope to use this site (which has information that’s still otherwise pretty easy to find out about me) as a way of sharing my resume and adding context to the information on it. We’ll see if it work, but I like it!

I was contacted by a guy named Zack the other day. He’s a guy who’s pretty similar in many respects to me. He’s a bit of a computer-science guy combined with business… which is where I’m headed.

Anyway, he’s started an interesting blog called “Something Ventured” at I suggest going and taking a look at it. He’s basically trying to start his own business and he’s going to chronicle it on the web. Keep an eye on it… I know I will!