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Burton Simmons * Age: 29 * Gender: male * Astrological Sign: Leo * Zodiac Year: Horse * Industry: Student * Occupation: Business * Location: Salem : Oregon : United States About Me I'm 28 and grew up in the Portland Metro Area. However, I currently live in Salem while attending Willamette University to work on an MBA. I'm not a conservative. I am cynical. I'm a Presbyterian. I drive fast. I'm sarcastic. I appreciate irony. I'm find humor in even the darkest of events. I'm non-traditional. I question authority. I'm a know-it-all. I'm a planner. Any other questions? Interests * Motorcycling * Hiking * Long walks on the beach * etc... Favorite Movies * The Hunt for Red October * The Usual Suspects * Stalag 17 * The Big Lebowski Favorite Music * Led Zeppelin * Pink Floyd * Pink Martini * Nine Inch Nails * Billy Joel Favorite Books * Starship Troopers * Dorsai * Murder at the ABA * Dune * On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors

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