I’m done with my classes.

I just gave my last school presentation for my Data Mining class. We finished successfully, and now I’ve just 9 days until graduation - but I’m done with all my schoolwork. Provided that I pass all my classes (and I should) I’ve taken 22 classes in the last two years, and done an incredible amount of work. Barring any strange unforeseen circumstances, I’ll receive my Masters degree soon (and get a job at some point after that.) This, as they say, is the end.

What will I do with myself now?

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  1. on 05 May 2008 at 10:19 am Joseph

    Don’t feel bad, Burton. I’m 36, already have job and teenager so I am maxed out on stress, and I am in a local MBA program. I still have a year of this left…

    as for your question: start with considering where you want to live. Some cities are NOT in the recession yet (real estate in Dallas went UP 6% instead of down 40%).

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