Brownwater & Blackwater

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, there are two school traditions that I’ve participated in.

The first is Brownwater. Named (I believe) in reference to the inner-tubing that usually takes place down the mill stream creek that runs next to the school, it’s a weekend-long party with multiple events. This year I went to the casino night (not at a real casino; fake money, but real prizes), the comedian night, and the barbeque (where the float happens.) I did chose not to float down the stream, however, as the 40-degree weather (with hail) was a full-on indicator of a “bad idea”.

Brownwater 2008 (Casino Night)

Then there’s Blackwater. An unofficial event, completely unsanctioned by the school, it’s best described as a “raging party”, and everyone’s invited. With a couple kegs, plenty of drinking games, and a “it’s not fun until the police tell us to shut up” mentality going around, you can bet it was a good time. (And yes, the police did come by to tell us to shut up.)

Below are two pictures, one from Brownwater, one from Blackwater. I leave it to you to decide which is which.

If you guessed Brownwater, you'd be right.

If you guessed Blackwater, you'd be right.

Fun times!

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