40 days and 40 nights

Graduation day - May 11th - is rapidly approaching. A mere 40 days remain before the conclusion of this program* and I’m ejected back into the harsh, cruel reality of the professional world.

In terms of classes, I believe I’ve taken all the tests I’ll be taking as part of this program. In my leadership class there remains only a large presentation (and the background research.) In my Operations Management class there also remains only a presentation. And, to keep with the trend, in my Data Mining class, has two projects to complete. Classes are technically over on the 29th, with finals afterwards; since I have no finals, I have less than a month of classes left.

What does this mean? I’m searching for a job with painful intensity, yet still trying to stay engaged in classes. It’s difficult since the pace of the two necessities is vastly different. Yet, I will figure it all out… for better or for worse.

*barring, of course, unforeseen events.

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