Real Estate Investment Seminar

I had a rather unique opportunity this past weekend. One of our professors - the one who teaches my leadership class - decided, at the request of many students, to offer a seminar on real estate investment. The thing of it is that it’s not an “official” class. He volunteered his time to meet the demand from the student population, and even said, “Hey, bring any friends you want to.”

And that’s the whole reason I went. I’m more or less interested in the topic (I just don’t have any money) but I have a couple friends who are really into real estate investment. I invited them and figured it would be poor form if I myself didn’t show up. So goes my Saturday morning, last and next weekend.

The professor brings a lot of experience to the lesson. As we go over topics, he intersperses stories of his own considerable experience, which helps bring the lessons home. Also, he recommended a book, The Real Estate Game, which is quite interesting to read and full of useful tips.

The only real problem I have with this whole thing is that, after about three and a half hours of seminar, my head is spinning from trying to absorb so much information. But at least it’s interesting!

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