Parting Gift

Today was my last day as Vice President (and, of late, acting President) of the Atkinson Student Association. We had a nice little luncheon off campus with the incoming and outgoing officers where we officially “handed off” the baton. What was really great was that we were given, as a parting gift, a pair of laser-etched wineglasses that say “Willamette MBA”.

Our nifty wineglasses

It does help, I’ll be honest, that I was consulted as to “what a nice gift would be”. I didn’t want - for instance - a pen I’d never use, that’s for sure. It’s been my stance that it’s nice to be asked what I want as a gift, because then I’ll get something I like. It’s convenient that way.

Anyway, I’m pretty thrilled to have that off my plate. I’ve handed off the editor-in-chief position for Atkinson Management Today and now this; it frees up my time so can really start concentrating on my job search.

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