One of the three classes I’m taking is “Leadership”. The class is about (if I understand correctly):

  • What a leader is
  • What makes a good leader
  • Knowing ourselves
  • What we can do to make ourselves good leaders

I’m looking forward to the self-examination. Tragically, this involves taking a lot of personality tests - something I’ve always disdained because they never seem to take into account the nuances of a person. The reasoning behind taking them, though, is simple: know ourselves and be able to see how we stack up against a so-called leader. (Then knowing what areas of self we have to work on to be most effective.)

The class is a lot of work. Not that I’m one to complain about work, I just find it to be occupying a disproportionate amount of my time. The professor’s method is to assign us a bunch of reading - all of it relevant - but trust us to read it and not test us on it or even necessarily discuss it in class. The idea, it seems, is that we’ll read it because it’s good for us. I, of course, always do the readings, but I cry with frustration whenever I try to decipher the syllabus to figure out exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. I mean, it says things like “on the first and fifth sessions, do [this]“, and makes me cross reference the reading we’re supposed to be doing with the list that tells me who wrote it, since I have to hunt it down in the library catalogs myself. Just a minor frustration, really, but a frustration nonetheless.

Since a leadership position is a goal of mine, I hope I get a lot out of this class. I’ve already known some areas I need to work on for a long time and I know many of my weaknesses, but it will be interesting to see what’s revealed through this class.

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