The name game

Today is our second day of class, but it’s the first day of my Tuesday/Thursday classes.  In my International Marketing class we spent virtually the whole class period playing the name game with the professor.  I had to give my name, what I’ve studied (and where I’ve worked), and what my international experience is.

So… I’m Burton.  I earned my Computer Science degree at the University of Oregon.  I’ve spent the last five years doing computery things.  My international experience is more or less limited to where you can get on I-5; I’ve visited Vancouver, BC and Tijuana.  Fortunately, in studies, we’ve had a lot (a *lot*) of international student and professors, so I guess that has helped my perspective a little.

There ya go.  Now multiply that by 55 and add comments from the professor, and you have an hour and a half.

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