Gettin’ high on iLife

Twice in the last two weeks I’ve been used iMovie (and iDVD) with great success.

The first time was for our Salvation Army presentation. We videotaped the presentation (as was the requirement) so it could be viewed by the faculty later.  Instead of just handing them a VHS tape (we used an old university camera) I took the tape to the video lab on campus and imported it into iMovie on my computer.  From there, I added some chapter markings, exported it to iDVD, created a professional-looking menu (complete with a slide-show and all our presentation material included on the disc) and turned it in.  Everyone loved that.

The second was  for a presentation this morning in for our HR class.  We were tasked simply with “a presentation of our PaCE group.”  The only suggestion we were given was to be creative.  So we came up with the idea of a promotional video, our team leader wrote the script, and I went to work narrating it, editing it, and putting together a kick-ass video that left jaws dropped when my classmates saw it.

I really enjoy using iMovie.  While few other applications can fill a hard drive so quickly, it’s a fun, powerful, easy-to-use program!

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