Health Insurance

Part of enrolling at Willamette University is enrolling in the student health insurance program. This is - theoretically - automatically done as part of the enrollment process but you can waive out of it if - for some strange reason - you have your own.

I don’t have my own health insurance so I did nothing (except fill out the initial required forms), assuming I’d be enrolled and life would be good.

Then I got an email reminding me that, should I choose to waive the health insurance, I should opt out of it (and gives me instructions.) I figured that since I hadn’t done anything I was enrolled (like I wanted to be) and ignored this.

Then I got ANOTHER email reminding me that, should I choose the waive the health insurance, the deadline is September 15th. I ignored this email.

Then I got a mailed form (to my mailbox at school) that reminded me once again about the September 15th deadline. However, since I didn’t think to check this mailbox, I was sent a reminder email about mail in the mailbox. Finally, I called (to make sure I didn’t have to do anything to not waive the service) and was told, “If you want health insurance, do nothing.”

Right. Three reminders (that I can remember) to do something when no action is required if I want the service. Overkill, anyone?

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