Compass Week

Think of “Compass Week” as “MBA Boot Camp”, but without being call “maggots” all the time. It’s the week before classes officially start. Beginning on August 21st, we had 5 days of introduction to the MBA program.

It was intense.

The week started with me showing up in a suit to meet my classmates - all 53 of them. I’m as good with people as I am with killer ninja midgets, which is to say that they scare me and I’m very, very shy.

From there it was a whirlwind of activity. Guest speakers. Team building activities. I shook more hands than could possible be healthy for me.

Day two was held up at the Portland Center (near Powell’s Books) and we were assigned our PACE groups and projects. PACE is, in short, 13 people working on two projects. In one, we’re consulting for a non-profit agency and trying to “add value” to what they do. In the second, we’re creating a plan for our own for-profit business. For the non-profit, the Salvation Army of Marion-Polk County had agreed to work with us. We had our first meeting with them at the end of the day, with precisely 0 business classes under our belt.

Day three was back in Salem. More panels, explanations of Microsoft Excel, shaking hands, and “networking.” This “networking” is a foreign concept to me, as I was pretty used to “networking” from a “network administrator” standpoint. Cisco has nothing to do with this new type, I’m finding.

Day four was a team-building day at a place called the Tilikum Retreat Center. I got to bond with my PACE team, which means they got to see me as the most overweight, out-of-shape person there. It seems that while I wasn’t in bad shape, there’s an important modifier to that statement. It’s “for a computer nerd.” Damn.

Day five was our first class. Yay! Homework due Monday. Boo!

For the most part, I was at school during Compass Week well before 8 AM and I usually wasn’t getting home until almost 7 PM. I was exhausted at the end.

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  1. on 07 Sep 2006 at 12:10 pm Laura

    Holy crap i went to Tilikum Day camp when i was in elementary school. I remember it was a lot of fun.

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