Background - Project MBA

It started, as so many stories do, with hating my job. I used to be a permanent on-site contractor at the Bonneville Power Administration and I hated almost everything about the job but the people. The working environment and the way contractors were treated was almost criminal. So I decided that, rather than waiting for them to fire me (once they didn’t like you they could get rid of you in a heartbeat if you were a contractor) I would control my own destiny. But what to do?

I figured my options were either get a job I liked or go back to school. I had always been interested in an MBA because I believed it to be a flexible degree that would allow me to move up the corporate ladder or do almost anything I wanted to do. So, while putting the events in motion to persue that goal I happend to find a great job working for Pacific Office Automation doing system and network administration. While I loved the job almost from day one, I was still interested in persuing the MBA.

Step one was to take the GMAT. Most good business schools require it and it would tell me, personally, if I stood a chance of getting in since I was a pretty mediocre undergraduate student. I took the test in October of 2005 and did pretty well, scoring a 700.

In February I started looking at schools. There were four on my list (not knowing much about business schools): Willamette University, the University of Oregon, Portland State University, and Marylhurst University. Willamette was number one, though; I wanted to go there as an undergrad but the relative affordability made me (regretfully) choose the University of Oregon (where I had a miserable experience earning a BS in Computer and Information Science.) I also felt (living in the Pacific Northwest) that it was one of the best business schools in

I applied to my number one choice (with an incredible recommendation from a friend a church.) I was accepted - with a scholarship! My thinking was this: “If I got a scholarship, I’d go. If not, I’d apply to my other choices and weigh more carefully the relative merits of each program.”

So this last summer I quit my job, got an apartment in Salem, sold my motorcycle and my car (though I bought a much cheaper one), and got ready to start school on August 21st - the day after my 28th birthday.

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